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Common Sense For Parents  

Much research on family conditions and the upbringing of children has lead to this important conclusion: 

A lot of love and involvement from the people bringing up the children, clear limits for what behavior is allowed and not allowed, as well as the use of nonviolent methods of upbringing, creates non-aggressive  harmonious, and independent children. 

Here are some common sense rules for parents/caregivers who want to help children have a positive childhood.

  • Let your child feel he or she is important.  Children have a great need to fell they are important to their parents.  Children grow on love and challenges.
  • Laugh with and not at your child.  Children are proud and can be deeply hurt when they feel you are making fun of them.  Laugh with your child; humor is positive.
  • Do not give in to your child to avoid conflict.  Children feel more secure when they have limits set for them in their everyday life, but they often cannot refrain from testing their limits.
  • Praise your child frequently.  Encouragement and kind words motivate a child to cooperate.  Positive support strengthens the child's self-image and creates an enthusiastic spirit.  When new challenges arise, your child will be able to meet them confidently.

Remember that you are a role model for your child.  your child is bonded with you in the deepest love and admiration.  That is why he or she wants to be like you, at least when he or she is young.  Wh​atever you do, your child will do.  Whatever you say or believe, your child will repeat.